The Town CrierHear Ye! Hear Ye!

Mother Teresa’s birth­day was this past week. I think she did a good job of keeping the “14 more command­ments” in Romans 12. Click on Chapel, above, to read “Least to the Least.”

If you know me person­ally and live in my area, this announce­ment is for you! Sunday after­noon, Sept. 14, I am turning 60, and will be having a huge Birth­day Bash in my back yard. Bring smiles, food, and if possi­ble, some way of enter­tain­ing us, whether silly or sublime. Only if you wish! Hope to see you! It goes from about 2 to…who knows? Late, most likely!

Have you yet seen the latest video uploaded on my YouTube channel? I read my children’s book, Jeremiah Bunnyhopper’s Scary Night. Jeremiah is a little bunny who claims, “I’m not afraid of anything!” But he has a secret, and it almost kills him!

JB Dark and Scary

Please watch, and let me know what you think! Just click on the YouTube button above, or here’s the direct link.

I am actively seeking speak­ing engage­ments. I especially love to address themes of forgive­ness and recon­cil­i­a­tion. Please contact me through my “Contact” page.

The best and safest haven from a hectic life is hiding deep within the center of your being where you can find soul-satisfying oneness with the Creator who loves and sustains you. When the stresses of daily life crack the walls of even that haven, it my prayer that my words—fiction, nonfic­tion, spoken, or written—may help you repair the breach. Spring­haven Castle repre­sents that place of safety. In the center of the court­yard, where you are now, an overflow­ing spring sparkles in the sunlight, repre­sent­ing the Eternal Life brought by God’s Holy Spirit.