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Once upon a time, when I was a single mother home schooling my kids, we relied on several of the daytime education programs provided by public television. When they did pledge drives, though, we left the TV off all week.

This was because of my intense guilt. They kept saying, “You use it, you should pay for it,” and I knew they were right…but food was an issue at our house. Heat. Lights. Little details like that. Discretionary money of any kind simply did not exist.

Years passed. I still avoided the pledge drives even though I heard more of them, because now I did have enough money, so I felt even guiltier. Guilt is not a good motivator. (Or, I’m a bad person.)

I will never forget the moment that changed my mind. I was sweeping the kitchen, and a man was begging, and I was thinking, “I need to turn that thing off.” Suddenly he said, “Here at WOUB Athens, Ohio, we serve a very disadvantaged area. There are thousands of people listening to our broadcasts who cannot afford even $10. If you are in a position to give extra to cover someone else, we would be very grateful.”

I dropped the broom on the floor and went to the phone. I told the man (and have told several stations since then), “That was the very first time in all these years that I have heard any acknowledgement of those, like I once was, who depend on public radio and television, but cannot afford to financially support it. It is specifically because of that that I want to become a member.”

I’ve been thinking about that story this past week, and I want to add a new reward that is not listed on my Kickstarter campaign. All who have already or will give $70 or more will now get two copies of the book–one to give away to someone they know would appreciate it and believes in the cause, but could not afford to support it themselves. Thank you to those who have already done this, and thank you in advance to all who will in our remaining 17 days.

Though I should add, if it doesn’t get funded, no one will be charged, and no one will receive any books at all! Don’t let that happen!

ABOUT FEE: This amazing man, born into a slave-holding family, grew up to be anti-racist, anti-sexist, abolitionist, writer, teacher, minister, and founder of world-renowned Berea College, some churches, and ultimately, Berea, KY itself–but there’s nothing on his life and work for children! I want to research, write, and illustrate one. I am running a 30-day Kickstarter campaign to fund this year-long project. Please check it out and help if you can. Most of all, if you can’t give money, share with all your friends and networks if you believe in the cause of educating children that God has made of ONE blood ALL nations of the earth! Live now, and only until June 5. (Be prepared to be bored to tears of hearing me squeak about it! :-) )

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Photo caption: Taken (by permission) at Chateau la Roche, Cincinnati, Ohio.

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