Peace to all who enter these gates!

Debbonnaire Kovacs's Castle Gates

Peace to all who enter my gates! (Photo taken by permission at Chateau la Roche, Cincinnati, Ohio.)

Do you have a breach in your soul? We all carry scars, and sometimes secret wounds that are still bleeding. Some of our breaches are between ourselves and others, or between ourselves and the Divine, but often the ones that we feel most deeply are those that divide our own souls–breaches between soul and spirit, you might say. I painted this watercolor castle to represent the rebuilding help that I hope to offer with my words, written and spoken. You can see red scaffolding, ladders, and tools where the breach is being repaired. Explore my castle here, breaches and all, and may you find a blessing.

I am actively seeking speaking engagements. I especially love to address themes of forgiveness and reconciliation. Feel free to contact me.

Read free sample chapters of my novels by clicking on their names–Seacliffe,  or Gaela’s Gardens. Enjoy!

A bit about me: I have been making up stories since I was very small, and writing them down since I could hold a pencil, selling my first story at the age of eleven. I began writing full-time in 1994 and have since published 22 books including textbooks and a ghost-written book, 6 small booklets, and over 700 stories and articles, as well as speaking at conferences, women’s retreats, churches, and other gatherings, and teaching writing classes to both children and adults. I am the Features Editor and Poetry & Arts Editor at Adventist Today Magazine, Web Edition.

I am also a spinner, weaver, lace maker, gardener, and a lover of animals and music, all of which interests I bring into my writing and teaching, because I don’t believe in boring! I believe we are to love God and each other with our whole selves, and whatever we do should show that.