Welcome to the Great Hall

My home in SpringCome in and make yourself at home! Here’s my real, every-day Trellis“castle.” It is surrounded by nearly four acres where I raise milk goats, chickens, ducks, and a Mammoth Jackstock Jenny (that’s a girl donkey!) Her name is SaraBeth, she’s adorable, she comes to her name, and you can come visit anytime. She loves people! In the house, there is one old “tri-pawed” cat named Budai–the friendliest cat you are ever likely to meet!

The north field, which is only about a half-acre, holds a 60′, five-circuit, modified Chartres labyrinth, which I restored and planted with a dwarf orchard and berries. Here are the antique roses that cloak the entrance trellis in May. The labyrinth is always open to my friends!

at chess tableThe Lady of the Castle

Contemplating her queendom.

Ha ha, don’t I wish! This is one of the pictures my daughter took when we visited one of the mini Renaissance Faires held at Loveland Castle. It’s one of my favorites. I’ll update it now and then, and you can see some more of the place. I highly recommend a visit if you’re ever in the Cincinnati area, and be sure to watch the video about the man who built the whole thing by hand–between his 60s and 80s!



Nathan Christopher

Firstborn and heir to all he surveys!

Here’s Nathan (right) with his brother’s Great Dane, Greta (now passed on, sadly). He is staying with me right now, helping out around the place and doing painting and general labor in the Berea area.



Robin ChristopherRobin (left) is our master fixer of all things, and the only one of us with any managerial ability. He now has five country acres of his own in central Ohio, where he’s getting into the self-reliant life with Lisa and his son (best baby in the world!!) Lincoln.



Lisa FowlerLisa Fowler, in a committed relationship with Robin for several years, is an artist, experimenting in many media, but painting and drawing are her favorites. Here are some of the paintings we have hanging on the walls of our castle. If you want to buy or commission anything from Lisa, contact me.


Sally Christopher DancingSally Christopher, princess of the castle, seen here with her partner in crimes unnamed and unnumbered, Ryan Smith. Ryan is a software engineer as well as a contra dancer and caller extraordinaire. Sally graduated summa cum laude from Berea College in 2010, with a BA in Theater. She spent all of 2011 (and a bit of 2010) teaching English in Seoul, S. Korea, then spent the first month of 2012 traveling in SE Asia. It was a hugely enriching and enjoyable experience, but we’re delighted to have her home at last! They both live and work in Cincinnati.