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In castles, this large room with bookshelves and long tables is where writing and study took place. Browse as long as you like. If you wish to order an autographed copy directly from me or to contact me about speaking to your church, group, or other organization on any of the books or topics below, please Click on Contact, above. (But you can pretend you’re wandering down long hallways and up spiral stairways to the top of the Carrier Pigeon Tower!)


Gaela’s Gardens

Can two loners hiding from troubled pasts find peace in a garden named Eden’s Gate?

Gaela Clancy, head caretaker at a garden estate, is an intensely private person with secrets she would rather forget. So when a scruffy loner with haunted eyes shows up at Eden’s Gate, she runs from the memories he awakens. But, recognizing the need in his eyes, she begins to pray for him and a fragile friendship sprouts. The more she gets to know this bitter outcast, who calls himself Caine and turns out to have an incredible musical talent, the more she realizes he, too, hides a painful past.

Can Caine and Gaela learn to trust again? Is it possible that hard work and the help of unlikely friends will overcome all obstacles? Maybe, just maybe, Eden’s Gate can become a sanctuary for those whom life has cast aside.

Inspirational Non Fiction

News: My small Lenten Book, Forty Ways my Labyrinth is Like my Life is now available.

If your life seems to be going round and round without going anywhere, you may be able to learn some lessons from the labyrinth. These 40 devotionals began as tweets in 2011, and have grown to this book. This is a small, 70-page book, and is only $5, plus shipping.

Recent Projects

Taking Care of God’s Stuff God’s Way

I was hired in 2013 to write a set of 24 stories for children on Christian principles of stewardship. I didn’t know they were going to do this, but they illustrated them and made them into a book! It’s $8.95 and available at Note: this was written for the Seventh-day Adventist denomination; however, it could be used for any denomination with no other change than saying “Sunday School” instead of “Sabbath School.”

I also did a ghost-writing project last year, but I can’t tell you about it! 😉

A daily devotional book for junior youth, called My Identity in Christ. This was published in 2011, but has no dates, so it can be used at any time. It contains 365 devotionals, each including a Bible text and short prayer, exploring the vital question Who Am I? Really? It was put out by the Youth Ministries Department of the Seventh-day Adventist church, Silver Spring, MD.

I also wrote two series for week-long revivals for junior and senior youth, which were intended to be put on by the kids themselves. They contain mini sermons, readings, and activities, and are available online at I am presently writing a new set for 2015.

The junior one is also called My Identity in Christ and is intended to go along with the devotional book, though it could easily stand alone. It is based on eight great “I Am” statements of Christ, plus one on “Jesus, the Great I Am.” In each devotional essay, we look at one of the statements and examine the implications for who we are. In other words, if He is the light of the world, am I, in Him, a small light to the world?

This was so well received that I was asked to do the same topics for senior youth and young adults, the result being “I AM” The Way, the Truth, the Life. It, too, looks at each I Am statement of Jesus and asks, “If Jesus is the bread of life, for example, how can I feed others that bread with my words and actions?”

Other Writings

One of my minor goals in life is to bring back old-fashioned serial fiction. It’s slow going. I seem to be the only person who thinks this is a good idea. I did once have three stories printed serially in my local newspaper; a Christmas story called “The Christmas Dollar,” (now available read aloud on YouTube) a short romance called “Forever Again,” and a bit of Biblical fiction called “The Innkeeper’s Story.” No, it’s not the innkeeper you’re thinking of, it’s an unsung hero of the Bible, in my opinion. I’ve decided to do it myself! I’ll be putting serial fiction, now and then, into the mouth of the Bard. If you’d like to be notified of new stories, go to the Bard’s page and click “Join”!

I have also written various articles and stories, both for adults and children, over the years. Recently, I have also written quite a few stories and articles for various magazines for leaders and for children and have contributed to various curriculum series for use in small groups of young adults.

One of my most popular stories for adults is called The Power of a Parent’s Prayer. It speaks to the issue of why, if God loves our children more than we ever could, we need to pray for them. In this story, we peek into the inner sanctum of God’s throne room, center of the universe.

This story has been printed in:

  • The Christian women’s magazine, Women of Spirit, Nov-Dec, 1997
  • Primary Treasure, May 8, 1999 (a specially adapted children’s version called “Why Does Jesus Need Me to Pray?”)
  • Our Little Friend, an expanded issue for parents, May 29, 1999
  • Tugging on God’s Hand, a compilation of stories from the above magazine, published in 2003 by Pacific Press Publishing Association, and available at
  • Kids’ Ministry Ideas, Jan-Mar, 2006

I have written a year’s worth (52) of children’s stories to go with certain Bible lessons. These were first published during 2004 in Primary Treasure, a Seventh-day Adventist take-home paper for children ages six through ten, and they will be released every 4th year thereafter for the foreseeable future. You can get more information at Click on “This week’s story” to read the story of the week. There is also subscription information if you know of a child who might like the magazine.