Gardens of the Soul

Gardens of the SoulThis book is now out of print and available only from Debbonnaire for just $6 and shipping. A new revised edition will soon be available in electronic format.

Gardens of the Soul: Cultivating a Devotional Life with God

Paperback Book 192 pages
Copyright: 2002 Pacific Press Publishing Association
ISBN: 0816318727

Cultivate your “inner garden” . . . and live more abundantly for God.

The care and nurture of your inner devotional life is the topic of this unique “gardening” guide. Drawing from her own background as a gardener and a Christian, author Debbonnaire Kovacs digs deeply into the Word–and the soil of her own life experience—to teach us practical ways to cultivate a flourishing devotional life with God.

Both a how-to and a devotional, every chapter in Gardens of the Soul includes:

  • “Dig Deeper” sections that pose questions to enrich your own personal growth through study, prayer, and even a gardening journal.
  • “Snapshots From My Garden” – an intimate view of the author’s own personal meditations and faith journey, through the creative use of an original allegory.

Spiritual, nurturing and insightful, Gardens of the Soul will help you grow in faith and virtue.

Readers have said:

  • “This is the book that will make you as an author!” NC, Idaho
  • “Your book Gardens of the Soul blessed me a great deal at a time when I really needed it. I thank God for the gift of writing He has given you.” DV, Ohio
  • “I like the allegory the author uses at the beginning of each chapter to show just how much the Master Gardener cares for each one of us and how tenderly He nurtures our faith and trust in Him. Each chapter continues with practical ways to let Jesus be the Master Gardener of our hearts.” AS, Idaho
  • “Debbonnaire, you have done it again: you and God! I first found the book “God Said, ‘I Promise'” which gave me a new prospective on the 10 commandments and it was a delight. So I was eager to read your “Devotional Retreats” which was good and refreshing. Just recently I finished “Gardens of the Soul” and I loved it! Being a ‘visual’ person, as many people are, I relished each chapter and especially “Snapshots from my Garden”! I was there with you and could feel the feelings of those blessed encounters. I can’t really put into words the total effect because it was an experience. I just had to thank you personally and affirm your following the Holy Spirit’s annointing with the gift of reaching hearts for Him through your writing, and pray that He will continue to give you messages for our hearts.
  • In sincere appreciation, H B”