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In castles, this large room with bookshelves and long tables is where writing and study took place. Browse as long as you like. If you wish to order an autographed copy directly from me or to contact me about speaking to your church, group, or other organization on any of the books or topics below, please Click on Contact, above. (But you can pretend you’re wandering down long hallways and up spiral stairways to the top of the Carrier Pigeon Tower!)

Inspirational Non Fiction

Ten Promises Carved in StoneTen Promises Carved in Stone

When God said “Don’t” do something, what did he mean we should do? Did you know that grammatically speaking, both in English and Hebrew, “you shall” (or “thou shalt”) is a promise, not an order? You’ll never look at the ten commandments in the same way!

40 Ways my Labyrinth is Like my Life

If your life seems to be going round and round without going anywhere, you may be able to learn some lessons from the labyrinth. These 40 devotionals began as tweets in 2011, and have grown to this book. This is a small, 70-page book, and is only $5, plus shipping.