Most every castle has a dungeon. This one, which represents a heart with all its rooms and corridors, nooks and crannies, secret passages and unexpected towers, has one, too. But it isn’t what you think…

I thought I had plumbed the depths of my soul, a long time ago (back when I was young enough to think that was possible!) I believed I had explored every nook and cranny. Then, once, wrapped in Holy Spirit, I discovered a previously overlooked banquet room. I was astonished. Rich tapestries, china and linen and silver, tables laden with food from paradise. This was in me?

“It’s yours,” Spirit said. “It’s been waiting for you. It’s yours to enjoy.”

I accepted the gift with gratitude.

Well…I thought I accepted it. But I couldn’t find my way back to it. I tried for a while, but time passed…

and I forgot.


Much later, wrapped in Holy Spirit and my hand held by a Loving Guide, I discovered a dungeon. I was shocked.

…or maybe not. I’d always known my soul was being tortured down there.

I wanted to run away, but they wouldn’t let me, Holy Spirit and my beloved guide. We set my shackled soul free (again), then dug through the rubble, cleaning, casting out, dismantling torture devices.

Then I fled.

I came across the dungeon again, later. It was swept, clean, empty…



Just the other day, I stumbled across that banquet hall, entering through a different door I had just excavated.

I was stunned.

The banquet hall was the dungeon.

There is abundance down there!

Who knew?