Days of Awe: Day One, Foundation

A few years ago, in researching the Ten Days of Awe that stand between Rosh Hashanah, (the Feast of Trumpets) and Yom Kippur, (the Day of Atonement), I found a website (now defunct) on which I found the following:

In the language of Kabbalah, malchut is the “crown” of the lower universe. It is the final, and in some ways, the most important of the Ten Sefirot—the ten Divine spheres or channels with which God created the world and which continue to permeate all reality. Each of these ten channels is like a hologram, reflecting itself as well as the other nine. This means that malchut, in addition to being a sefirah in its own right, is also included in the other nine sefirot—within chochmah (“wisdom”), binah (“understanding”), daat (“knowledge”), chesed (“loving-kindness”), gevurah (“strength”), tiferet (“beauty”), netzach (“victory”), hod (“thanksgiving”), and yesod (“foundation”)—just as each of the other nine is included within malchut. Since the objective of these Days of Awe is to inspire a renewed “building of a kingdom” within all the Ten Sefirot, we are given ten days—from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur – to do it. On each day, we seek to build malchut within another sefirah.”

I don’t claim to believe all that is taught in Kabbalah—in fact, there are many things with which I disagree. However, I really liked the concept of these ten words as something to meditate on through the Ten Days. It seemed to me as I read them that they could be seen as a progression, but in reverse order. (Possibly this is what the writer meant by saying malchut was “the final” one.) At any rate, that’s the way I plan to consider them in this blog series.

First, then, is Foundation.

The foundations of Cologne Cathedral. From; free use.

I believe that the foundation of all that was, all that is, and all that ever will be is the Great Mystery we name God, whose other name is Love. I believe that we have no conception of the enormity of power, the depth of passion, and the purity of that One’s knowledge, understanding, and love of the tiniest detail about us.

I believe that Yeshua of Nazareth came from that great Love to show us what it looks like in human form—not only how to give it away, splashing it on all with whom he came in contact, but giving his very self—his soul, even!—away in sacrifice to the death that is caused by Not-Love. (I never know what to call that. It’s not hate. It’s more like indifference. It’s wanting what I want when I want it, and to hell ((literally)) with you!) Yeshua faced that in its blackest depths and said No. I will give myself even to you.

I have just read a fantasy series (The Farseer Trilogy, by Robin Hobb) in which a mountain kingdom’s ruler is called the Sacrifice. He or she does not live in a palace or wear fine clothes or jewels, but works alongside the people and seriously considers himself or herself to be the ultimate Sacrifice for whatever they need.

That was Mashiach. That is my Messiah.

That is the Foundation of my life.

To ponder: What is your foundation? Does it hold you up well in all the vicissitudes of your life?

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