Days of Awe, Day Seven: Knowledge


Fill in the blank: The more you know…

My brainstorm endings:

  • …the more you can.
  • …the more you grow.
  • …the smarter you get. (Not necessarily true, but a nice outcome.)
  • …the better you can choose.
  • …the better you can do.

Knowledge is one of those things that old and new societies usually agree on. It’s not always the case. There was a time when The Church (that was) decreed that knowledge was a bad thing, and called the tree in Eden the Tree of Knowledge. (That’s not its name in the Bible, by the way. It’s the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.) Too much knowledge was punishable, often by death.

But most societies, while they may disagree on which things one needs to know, agree that people should seek to know as much as possible.

The problems come when people think that knowledge by itself is sufficient. That knowledge equals wisdom. Not true! You can know a whole lot and still be an idiot. Just turn on the TV or scroll the internet…

It’s not even true that knowledge equals intelligence. Which is why I said above that knowledge will not necessarily make you smarter.

Still, knowledge is to be sought. Knowledge of all kinds: the knowledge expected by your subculture and the knowledge expected by the subcultures near you. Knowledge of other people and other countries, and if you can manage it, other languages. Knowledge of the world and the cosmos and the inner landscape of being. Knowledge, most of all, of matters of the spirit.

Because, the more you know, the broader your horizons!

Tune in tomorrow for what to do with all that knowledge.

To ponder: What do you know? How do you use your knowledge to build the dominion of God in the world?

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