Days of Awe, Day Three: Victory

When we humans think of building a kingdom with victory, we tend to think in terms of conquest, force, and bloodshed. This is not the way God creates a dominion. The whole point of these ten words for the Ten Days is that words have power. Words create and destroy. God created and continues to create reality through Word in the ultimate sense, and we continually create or destroy our own (much smaller) realities through our (much smaller, but still powerful) words.

The old saw has recently been made more true by rendering it, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can really hurt me!”

What, then does this word victory really mean? Or what might it mean, if I am intentionally attempting to cooperate with God in creating my reality, as well as in the effect I have on others’ reality?

If I look to God’s own words and works for guidance, I find an overarching principle: speak blessing.

First, God creates the universe by saying what shall be, and then by blessing it and calling it “good.” Yeshua came, looked priest and prostitute, scribe and sinner, child and churl in the eyes, and called out the good in them, in so doing creating a whole new wave of society. In the early church, Jew and Gentile and Greek, male and female, young and old worked together, ate together, played and prayed together, and called each other good.

The fact that this new societal wave was promptly corrupted into anti-Semitism, anti-feminism, and ultimately anti-love does not change the original miracle.

Victory, for God, seems to mean we both win. God and I enter what often seems like a contest—God wins…and that means I am a winner! Take Jacob. He fights all night at Jabbok, walks away lame, and God gives him a new name because “you have wrestled with God…and won” (!) Genesis 32:28.

Obviously, what God calls winning doesn’t bear much resemblance to what we usually term it. So when you ask for spiritual victory, for yourself or for another, expect the unexpected.

And you’ll win.


To ponder: What is an area in your life where you feel a need for victory? Take some time considering what you have thought victory in that area would look like…and what God might think it looks like.

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