Here at Last: The Great Day

For today, Yom Kippur, High Sabbath of all High Sabbaths, the great Day of Atonement, I take the day off work, fast completely, spend the time in prayer and meditation, and wear white, a custom which means various things to various people. Maimonodes, a great Jewish sage, said it represents the fact that we will be judged pure and innocent even though we don’t deserve to be. Others wear their kittels, their white Jewish burial garments, honoring that on this day we recognize that on all days we stand on the edge of death. Still others say we want to be light and pure like the angels.

I like all of the reasons.

I ask God the following question. I get some amazing answers. You may wish to ask the same.

If you were creating me today, a whole new person, if you took away from me all my past, all my gifts and talents, all my knowledge and plans and dreams, all my possessions, and I stood before you empty and completely new. . .

what would you give me back?

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