Screen House

Here is my “screenhouse,” which is made of 3 cattle panels bent over and fastened to very deep posts with zip ties. It is covered with a roll of metal window screening, “sewed” together with the wire the roll came in. I made ends of pieces of clear corrugated plastic, and the doors are merely hung pieces of screen. The other day I put that bale of old hay and a pile of old feed sacks that had served for two years covering a piece of ground between tomato plants, against the outside of the north side of the screenhouse.

Then I went inside and propped pieces of greenhouse glass left over from a friend’s greenhouse. You can see I have left room for ventilation. Should it get too cold, I’ll throw an insulating blanket over the whole thing. Under them I’ve planted cool weather seeds like lettuce, beets, turnips, and brassica. My plan is that by the time they don’t need protection it might be warm enough under there to start warm weather things like tomatoes and peppers. We’ll see!

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