I am actively seeking speaking engagements! To schedule me for your group or invite me to speak in your area, please email me at Contact, above.

I have spoken at churches, state-wide church conferences, women’s retreats, libraries and smaller gatherings. I learned through years of homeschooling, as well as through my public speaking, that people learn in different ways, and it is essential for speakers to be both show-ers and doers. So I’ve made the commitment that all of my presentations will include, as far as I am able, audio, visual, and kinesthetic (touch, or doing) learning. I also find humor goes a long way toward making the mind hold onto what it’s learned. You will see reference to some of these things in the testimonials below.

Testimonials about speaking:

“My favorite things were the scriptural foundation for everything that was said, and the humor with which it was presented.” DV, Washington State

“The presentations were practical and presented from the heart. Your self-disclosures showed that we experience similar temptations, but praise God, help is available in the Word.” KG, Oregon

“As a Christian and as a pastor, I have prayed for many, many years. Never have I experienced anything like this trip to the throne room of God, and putting on all the armor. Thank you!” IB, Ohio

“I especially appreciated Debbonnaire’s observations, articulations, and integration of scripture with lived experience.” JT, Washington State

“Good visual teaching! This helps me appreciate spiritual truths much better.” LK, Oregon

“I liked what you said last night, but when you opened up your heart this morning and shared the real you, that’s when I felt the Spirit really moving.” DL, New Jersey

“You’re funny!” TO, Pennsylvania

“I liked your way of teaching, that brought to mind the same problems in my own life. I wish I could see you on a Christian station on TV.” SS, Washington State

“Debbonnaire brings a lot of Scripture in! I like that!” TW, Washington State

“You make God seem very real and very near.” NS, N. Dakota

“I enjoy the discussions very much. You make us think in ways we’ve never thought before.” JT, S. Dakota

“Especially liked the pictorial presentation. I look forward to a deeper prayer life.” AA, Washington State

. . . And the complaints:
“Too short!”
“Wish it hadn’t ended!”
“Never enough time!”
. . . all from Washington after a weekend women’s retreat