March, 2016

Last year I posted sung psalms for each of the weeks of Lent. You can scroll down to listen to them. This year I was gone for the first part of Lent, but I have decided to sing the psalms again for the last three Wednesdays.

Today’s passage is Psalm 32.


Feb, 2015

For the weeks of Lent, I’ll be singing the psalms here each week, using an ancient method of half-chanting, half-singing that’s been in use at least since the early centuries of Christianity. Each week I will add the latest audio file to the top, so to listen to earlier psalms, go down the list.

For this final week of Lent, the psalm is Psalm 118. I sing verses 1, 2, and 19-29, which are about praising God and about “form[ing] a procession with branches up to the horns of the altar.” This coming Sunday, Christians all over the world will be reenacting the triumphant entry of the Lamb of God into His city of Jerusalem. It’s a powerful beginning to the most important week in the history of this world–a week that tells a story of reversals, from triumph to despair and back again.

Psalm 118


This week’s psalm is one of the most famous: Psalm 51, written when David was suffering because he had been confronted with his own willful and unrepentant sins. Possibly the worst consequence he had to face was that others had suffered and were suffering needlessly through his lust and selfishness. It took a stern confrontation from his prophet, Nathan, but David’s heart had now melted in sorrow and remorse, and he penned these words, used by millions of other repentant hearts throughout the centuries since.


This week’s psalm is from Psalm 107, which praises and magnifies God’s mercy and deliverance out of all manner of troubles.

Psalm 107


This week’s psalm is Psalm 19, that lovely creation psalm, set to music so many times in it’s thousands of years of history! No matter how you sing or read this psalm, let your heart lift the words up to the Great Creator and be reminded that the One is creating still. If there’s darkness and chaos in your life, keep your eyes open—you don’t want to miss the transformation!

Psalm 19


This week’s psalm is Psalm 22, the one from which Jesus quoted as he died. I believe he was seeking comfort as well as reminding his followers (all of us) of the rest of this messianic psalm

Psalm 22

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    Thank you

  2. Linda Silverberg says:

    I thank u so very much. I also will be getting your book. Women are so powerful and I’m glad to see wonderful works from my sisters in Christ.

    • Debbonnaire says:

      Amen to that! Sisters in Christ, that’s what we are. Which book are you interested in? (You’ll find details on all of them under the Books tab.)

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