Days of Awe: Day Two, Thanksgiving


According to the reading from which I got these ten words for the Ten Days, the words represent “the ten Divine spheres or channels with which God created the world and which continue to permeate all reality.” The word for today is Thanksgiving, and I find it fascinating to think of God using the “sphere or channel” of thanksgiving to create the world.

Yesterday’s word, Foundation, is obvious. To build something you need a foundation. When God created this planet, for instance, the foundation used was rock—or rock and fire. But thanksgiving?

For myself, I can say that whenever I think of the firm foundation of God’s love on which my mother built my life from babyhood, I overflow with a thanksgiving I can never find words to express. I knew—knew in the Hebrew sense, in the way you know your hand—I knew God loved me and was constantly present within and beside me before I could even speak. Why? Well, Mama said so, and Mama knows!

That’s how it started. But it grew from there. On that foundation of what I learned at home and at church, my baby self began to grow. I could tell. How do you explain how you know God exists? It can’t be done. But God can be known.

Well. Let me rephrase that. God can be known to be there. Sensed. “Felt.” “Heard.” Words are so impossible. I’ve never heard the voice of God with my ears or felt God’s presence with my skin or physical awareness. But I know God is here. Now. Always.

To say, however, that God can be known, invites the concept that God can be understood, which…well. You know. This I can say. God is a lot bigger!

This also I can say. God loves you.

I’m so thankful!


To ponder: How does one build a world on or with or through thanksgiving?

What are you thankful for?

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