Welcome to the Solarium!

This is the sunny, bright room where the ladies work and chat. Even in a cold, stone castle, there were south-facing windows. Imagine a whole wall of them in this room as you wander, browse, and—if you care to—pick up a needle or other fiber toy and join us! We do a little of almost every fiber craft you can think of in here. (Gentlemen welcome too! This is an equal opportunity solarium!)

Craft Show Schedule

Not long after this website first went up, my husband began to fade into what would be his last illness. Naturally, craft fairs were one of the first things to go. Now that I’m alone, I’m considering going to a few fairs again. I promise to keep this list updated and to make note of it on my main page and in Facebook, Twitter, and so on if I do begin to do craft fairs again.